Greeting Prospective Students!

Welcome to the AUCA-Bard Study Abroad Program website. We wish to greet you with an invitation to study at AUCA from a current student:

Dear Future AUCAer,

I’d like to welcome you to AUCA (In my language; “Khush beyayed ba Pohantoon-e mah”). My Afghan colleagues and I are excited for your arrival here at the AUCA, where we live like a family with all other nations. I would love to congratulate you on choosing AUCA, and choosing to have the best time of your life. AUCA is not just a university but a small universe of different nations where people live in peace and study. I am sure that you will love your stay here, with students of different nationalities but common goals, and that you will enjoy each moment more than the moment before.

At AUCA you will not only learn different Asian languages and your required courses, but you will also explore international culture. For example, you will learn how Afghans, Tajiks, Russians, Kyrgyzs, and Turkmen look, behave, live, and differ from one another. At other American universities they may have a diversity week, but here at AUCA we have diversity life, which makes our university unique. Having studied at AUCA for 4 years, I feel as if I am not just an Afghan, but that I contain ‘multiple nationalities.' Now if someone asks me to dance like a traditional Uighur, I can do that, and I can do it with my Uighur friends. I want you to have the same experience I have had.

Mariam Amiri '11
International and Comparative Politics